Human Resource Management

Note: the Take Home Paper is not part of the HRM Project Case Study assessment. However the Take Home Paper is a Summative Assessment item that will rely on the knowledge and skills developed through the Project Case Study approach (for example a properly integrated and internally consistent structure). Marks: The HRM Take Home Paper comprises 30% of the total HRM unit marks. Length: 2000 words (10% either way). This word count includes in-text references but does not include the Reference List. Possible Question Approach A hypothetical organisation will be introduced in the Take Home Paper Question and students will be asked to answer a specific question which draws from across the HRM body of knowledge covered by the unit (notably from the Unit Textbook). Students should apply all the relevant knowledge and skills developed through their Project Case Study. The rationale behind the Take Home Paper is that HRM practitioners may enter an organisation, which has a range of unique characteristics, and will be asked to come up with a best practice approach to deal with a particular HRM issue. They will need to already have a generic blueprint of the best way to approach the particular issue which is then tailored/filtered by the type of organisation they are dealing with. As part of their response, students are likely to be asked to put their recommended approach in priority order. One of the key issues raised by the Take Home Paper is whether students can appropriately identify the relevant key issues. Students who fail to focus their paper on these key issues will fail the assessment item. For example, if the Take Home Paper requires a strategy for developing an ethical compensation program for the hypothetical organisation and its workforce, and a student instead focuses on the fact that the organisation (in its past) previously merged with another organisation, then they will not have answered the question. Students are not expected to invent facts about the hypothetical organisation. Instead they should identify critical issues such as organisational objectives and context, its directional strategy and relevant key competencies. Some of these may be implied in the description component of the question. The question topic will include a component that will ask about relevant change management issues related to the student’s specific recommendations. Students should understand that this element should comprise no more than about 10% of their paper. Take Home Paper Instructions The Take Home Paper acts as a summative evaluation of learning in the HRM unit. Students must do the Take Home Paper as an individual piece of assessable work. If there is any evidence that students have collaborated with other students, this will be taken to constitute an infringement of academic integrity. These papers will then be handed to the Head of School and, if she concurs, the papers will be passed to the Associate Dean Education in the Faculty of Government, Business and Law for assessment under the University’s policies and guidelines on academic integrity. An adverse finding could lead to the student failing the Unit. Appropriate regard must be had to academic integrity in completion of the Take Home Paper (the provisions of the Unit Outline will apply and URKUND software will be activated when you submit this assignment). This means you must be accurate in all of your paraphrasing and quoting within the text and in your Reference List. Students are welcome to submit draft versions to Moodle to review URKUND feedback. An alphabetical Academic and Other Reference List should be provided at the end of the Take Home Paper. In-text references should be used throughout your Paper. References MUST be in the Harvard format. For in-text references, after you have provided the full in-text reference for the Unit Textbook the first time, you may then abbreviate it down to just (Kramar, 2014, pX). Even where you have not provided a direct quotation from your source material, please include the relevant page number(s). Students are strongly encouraged to confine their academic sources to the Unit Textbook and peer reviewed HRM related journals. The majority of in-text references should derive from the Unit Textbook. If the Unit Textbook is not relied upon, the student will likely fail the paper. The Take Home Paper should be electronically word processed in 12-point font and double spaced. Please include your unit, assessment item, student number and page number in the footer of each page of your paper. The above is introduction of this paper, but now I can not give you topic for this paper, the topic question for the paper will available on next Monday 2/ 11/2015. Sorry about that. Now I only can show you how to structure this paper, and you will be more familiar with it. You must be using color code slids style writing format I will shown you after page of marking criteria. Please be careful this CCS (organization description, theory description, issue analysis and recommendation or implementation strategy. Other important thing is this paper as individual take home paper, so my tutor said do not need too much references, mainly 97% conten come from the text book Kramar, R., Bartram, T., De Cieri, H., (and Noe, R. A., Hollenbeck, J. R., Gerhart, B. & Wright, P. M.) (2014). Human Resource Management: Strategy, People and Performance (5th Edition). McGraw-Hill. Do not worry about text book content, when I got question topic I will take photo of all relevant content for you. 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