Human Rights Issues in Research

Order Description Human Rights Issues in Research . 1- Please answer both questions using ONLY THREE OR TWO references. 2- The REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS FOR THIS COURSE ARE: Required: Practical Research: Planning and Design (10th Ed) Leedy, P. & Ormrod, J. Pearson. 2012. Methods of Disaster Research. Stallings, R. Xlibris Corporation. 2002. Statistics Without Tears “ A Primer for Non-Mathematicians, Rowntree, D. Allyn and Bacon Classics. 2004. Supplemental Readings: If weak in Research Methodology please review a text such as: Patten, M. 2002. Understanding Research Methods. Pyrczak Blessing, D. 2006. Physician Assistant’s guide to Research and Medical Literature. F.A.Davis. More information on statistics: Altman, D. 2006. Practical Statistics for Medical Research. Chapman & Hall/CRC Keppel, G. & Zedeck, S. 1989. Data Analysis for Research Designs. Freeman: New York 3- The reading assignments of this week, which MUST be considered because answering question 1 of this week requires them as you will see at the end are: Stallings Ch. 12 & 13 Complete the Protecting Human Research Participants course through the NIH Office of Extramural Research: Keep your course completion record and email it to me when you have finished the course. 1- Based upon this week’s reading and your own understanding please answer the following questions. Is it ethical to randomize clinical treatment trials? Meaning is it ok to hold treatment from one group and give it to another? Why is randomization important in research of a quantitative nature? ANSWER: It removes researcher bias and improves reliability. But what ethical questions are raised? The question as stated above is whether we are withholding treatment from one group while giving it to another, whether it be a clinical drug trial or a new training tool. Is this ethical? Why or Why not? 2- What are some of the ethical or human subjects issues that may exist in your own research direction? What do you need to be careful about regarding your design? PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT