IFRS Adoption in the United States

IFRS Adoption in the United States Does the U.S. need to adopt IFRS? Why or why not? If so, when and how? WRITE your short comments (e.g., YOUR OPINION about SEC’s timeline for IFRS adoption in the U.S., milestones to be achieved leading to the use of IFRS by U.S. issuers, and/or other areas of consideration etc.) on ˜Roadmap for the Potential Use of Financial Statements Prepared in Accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards by US Issuers’. Pretend submitting your comment letter to the SEC. Follow the APA (American Psychological Association) style format (http://apastyle.org/) for your writing, including citations and the reference list. Your comments should be NO MORE THAN TWO PAGES in letter size paper. (DOUBLE-SPACE and font size of 12) For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now! What We Offer: ¢ On-time delivery guarantee ¢ PhD-level writers ¢ Automatic plagiarism check ¢ 100% money-back guarantee ¢ 100% Privacy and Confidentiality ¢ High Quality custom-written papers