impact of technology on education today

Write an analysis on the impact of technology on education today. Begin your work on this assessment by completing these three steps: 1.Read the 2012 library article, The Crisis in Higher Education, by Nicholas Carr, if you have not yet done so. This article is linked in the Resources for this assessment under the Library Resources heading. 2.Conduct your own research about the impact of the Internet on education and see what you can find. 3.Critically evaluate the information that you find, identifying at least three sources, including the Carr article, that you will use in your analysis. Then address the following in a written analysis. Do not simply list each bulleted item followed by your response; rather, analyze the sources that you have reviewed, addressing these points: ¢Describe the main issues, as far as finance and technology, facing education today. ¢Analyze what the future may hold for education, supporting your work with APA formatted citations. (Use at least three sources, including the Carr article.) ¢Analyze the future implications of a global environment on higher education. ¢Analyze the implications for education and the way education will function in the future. ¢Evaluate potential ethical questions raised by this vision of the future. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.