Individual Evaluation of Balanced Scorecard Framework

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements Trimester B Assignment Overview RESEARCH NOTE: You will need to collect different types of information to carry out the presentation assignment. It is important that you do not take all your information from one source as it is likely to be heavily biased. It is also important that you do not rely solely on company literature as this is likely to put forward a view of the world that suits company management. Students are expected to demonstrate up-to-date research on the chosen approach, the sector of choice, and applied examples of how a company(ies) within that sector has(ve) deployed the approach for the purpose of continuous improvement and/or innovation within the sector. (1) A ˜critical assessment’ requires you to analyse the role in terms of both benefits and challenges associated with the approach. Therefore your assessment should encompass several arguments and/or perspectives. (2) You should undertake a keyword academic literature search for findings on the application of your chosen approach. You are therefore expected to apply (referenced) examples of organisations which have implemented “ (or are currently exploiting) the approach. The evidence must come from findings which have been published in academic literature or sourced through available organisational / body documentation, with complete reference details given (using the Harvard referencing system) within the reference page. (3) You should also discuss the implementation challenges faced by organisations in energising commitment and participation when deploying the approach. Again, arguments should be based on findings conveyed in secondary literature in terms of challenges encountered, lessons learned and benefits gained. (4) You may also wish to reflect on weaknesses in the evidence reviewed and identify any research gaps in the literature which highlights opportunity for further research. (5) Remember that as this is a ˜formal presentation’ “ you must structure your submission in accordance with reporting conventions. Part1 Individual evaluation of Balanced Scorecard framework (10%): 600 words This encompasses a written independent (critical) evaluation of the role and value of your Balanced Scorecard framework in facilitating continuous improvement. This may include further critical assessment and application by way of sectoral insight, to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the framework, over and above findings presented within your group. Please note that this is an ˜academic assessment’ therefore within this section, arguments MUST be underpinned by reference sources. Part 2 Individual Reflection / Review (20%): 800 “ 1,000 words As part of your portfolio you must also include an individually written personal reflection that draws out the lessons learned from the process of working in a team and participating in the presentation. This should be structured into two parts as outlined below: Part One “ Team Development, Peer Support & Peer Assessment Your reflection may give consideration to the following: ¢ How high was commitment to the team? Were meetings well attended? ¢ What were the key stages in the team development? How well did the team work together (a) at the start, (b) during meetings, and (c) on the day of the presentation? ¢ What roles were performed within the team? By you and others? ¢ How could the team working process have been improved “ in hindsight, what you personally had done differently individually and/or collectively as a team? ¢ What challenges did your team face in the peer assessment process? ¢ What personal insights have you learned about yourself, as a result of the learning journey on this part of the module (Trimester B)?