industry analysis

So today, I want to talk about one of the major assignment for the course the Industry analysis. Who knows what an industry analysis is?? It is a report on all of the import characteristics of an Industry such as Market Size, Market Trends, Major Competitors etc. Here is an example of a professional industry analysis: IBIS WORLD Industry Reports !! ** 45391 IBIS PET STORES MARKET REPORT a) See table of contents b) See Introduction and c) Industry at a glance PG. 3 d) Industry Performance PG. 4 YOUR ASSIGNMENT IS TO PREPARE AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS FOR THE INDUSTRY YOU EXPECT TO ENTER WHEN YOU GRADUATE. Oil &Gas ?? Healthcare ?? Real Estate ?? Your report however will use the format as shown here: SHOW: BADM 230 Industry Analysis (PDF) NAICS CODE (North American Industry Classification System)? Google: NAICS CODE + INDUSTRY NAME INDUSTRY Overview Section INDUSTRY Developments Section CONSUMER MARKET DATA Section COMPETITOR Information Section WHERE WILL YOU GET THE INFORMATION FOR YOUR WRITE-UP? ** Deloitte Industry Outlooks at: Gather information on major competitors in an Industry at annualreports.comFor example: Chevron Get general Industry statistics by doing a Google query on: Industry Snapshots SBDCNET Snapshots Industry Snapshots Select USA IBIS World Snapshots Deloitte Industry Outlooks (Industries tab) (View By Industry Section) For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now! What We Offer: ¢ On-time delivery guarantee ¢ PhD-level writers ¢ Automatic plagiarism check ¢ 100% money-back guarantee ¢ 100% Privacy and Confidentiality ¢ High Quality custom-written papers