Inferential Statistics

Inferential Statistics Select a problem in business that interests you (finance, marketing, tourism, economics, etc.) Determine the sample size, and then using defined data make a research following DCOVA steps. Then using hypothesis testing, prove one of hypothesis and make an inference. o While defining the sample size assume that you dont know the population standard deviation (). Create a questionnaire to collect the data about sample. oQuestionnaire might include students or customer opinions, concerns and issues of a certain problem. (The sample size doesn’t have to be very big as the lecturer said that around 20 surveys had to be handed in.) (For the survey please prepare the questionnaire and fake the results. Once you will send me the work I will print the number of survey needed and complete them.) Then, The results of the survey questionnaire must be tabulated properly and accurately using a spreadsheet (MS Excel). Using the results of the survey and inferential measures of sample, complete research of relevant question. Provide a discussion of data analyzed. Provide a rich analysis of your report. Make inferences from your research and recommendations for future studies. Please try and structure the essay following each steps. The subject chosen doesn’t necessary need to be to complex the lecturer told us it could be a restaurent or a shop. After you are free to choose the subject you think is the most adapted and easy. Thank you very much for your time and feel free to ask questions. I will try to find a similar homework from a friend if it can help you.