Inflation Paper instructions: First, you select an article related to a contemporary macroeconomic issue that is of interest to you. Macroeconomic issues include: economic growth, unemployment, inflation, monetary policy, fiscal policy, taxation, poverty, international trade and competitiveness, etc. Ideally, the article must have been published in the past six months, but could not be older than a year. Sample articles will be posted in the course site. The article should be at least four pages long. Your reflection paper will be a critical analysis of the chosen article. You will need to read this article a number of times while writing your paper and you might wish to consult the textbook and other sources of information to help you with your analysis. The following is a general outline for your paper: Brief summary of the main issue or issues addressed by the article Economic analysis of the article using theories and principles from the course Analysis of the significance of the issue as it relates to such issues as societies, economies, social institutions, politics and individuals, as well critical analysis of the economic and political perspective of the author or authors Conclusion(s) that flow from the analysis of the article Bibliography that must include the articles and any other references used for the paper