Inflation in Argetina

Inflation in Argetina In groups of 3, analyze a major macroeconomic issue for the country of your choice. The deliverable will be a 12-15 page research paper. There are many resources that may help your group to come to a consensus about the right country to study. Start out simple using Google News, NY Times, The Financial Times, The Economist (and others!) to see how reputable news sources have focused on different economic issues for a country/countries of interest. You may wish to peruse comparative data to help you make a decision. Here is a very non-exhaustive list of comparative data sources of global data to help you get started: International Labour Organization (“en/index.htm) Principal Global Indicators: United Nations ( World Bank ( Once you choose a country and identify a macroeconomic issue upon which you would like to focus, you will contextualize the issue by exploring the following: – the country’s economic development history and context (whatever era you think is important for contextualizing today’s issue, up to the present); – the country’s current economic issues using news stories; – the country’s current fiscal policies and current debates; – its current monetary policies; – current trade policies; and – identify the core issue the country faces today, and explore how your analysis could inform a debate about what the country should do.