influence of Japanese food in California

˜’After Italian, Chinese and Mexican, Japanese food is probably the most popular ethnic cuisine in the United States”(Essman). Japanese food has had major influence in California, because a few communities settled some restaurants introducing their culture, also the California Roll was created in this state and a lot of products are imported to Japan nowadays from USA, such as Sake. reference: Essman, E. Life In the USA. 2010. ˜’ food/japanese.htm” Also follow this outline: 1. Few Japanese communities settled some restaurants by introducing their culture. Why did they immigrate to USA in the first place? When did they settle in California? Why California? 2. The California roll was invented in the State of California. How this creation took place in California How the Roll was introduced as a healthier fast food. Variations of ingredients when this was brought in, in the in American Industry. 3. A lot of products are imported to Japan. Sakes of all quality levels are made in USA and then imported to Japan How this beneficiate to USA. The best markets you will find them in California.