Inforgraphic Order Description You are to create an Infographic that discusses the costs and benefits of the new child care policy attached.The costs and benefits. Costs and benefits can be financial, political, or social. Generally, financial costs whereas benefits tend to be more societal benefits, though you may make an argument the policy could save money in the long run. For samples of costs/benefits refer to the Voter Guide examples under œFiscal Effects. The Voter Guides focus more on financial aspects, but it is expected that you discuss societal benefits (example: better health for children, lower medical costs). For sample general infographics, go to To create your own infographic, there are free resources out there, including Piktochart and infographic should be simple with detailed information. The visuals you choose to use should relate to the issue at hand. Make sure you cover 1.Costs: Economic, legal, political, social 2. Benefits: Economic, political, social PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT