Informal Fallacies

Informal Fallacies Project description For each of the following scenarios, identify the informal fallacy being committed. You do not need to explain your answer. ( Gamblers Fallacy, Confirmation Bias, Attacking the Person “ 1. appeal to abuse 2. appeal to circumstances 3. appeal to hypocrisy. Mistaking condense for causation, Strawman Fallacy, Hasty Generlization. 11. Andy claims that the board of education should do a series of student assessments before they choose a new vendor for managing dinning services. George responds by saying that Andy only wants the board to do an assessment is because Andy is the current vendor and wants to keep his job. 12. Sam tells her child not to yell at the waiter because it is rude. Sue, Sams daughter, says, Well, you yell at people all the time!! 13. James notices that whenever he wears his Avengers t-shirt that his drive to work takes longer because of traffic. He concludes that his shirt causes traffic to be more congested. 14. While working at a law firm, Nancy believes that the paralegal team could use more training in contract law because of recent changes in state legislation. Barbara, a paralegal on that team, says, Nancy thinks we dont know how to do our job. 15. Evan tells his son Kevin that he should clean his room. Kevin asks why and Evan says because I said so. 16. Jim tells Jane that there is a sale on washing machines at the department store and that they should take advantage of it because they need a new washing machine. Jane says, You are a moron Jim, and you dont know what youre talking about. 17. Frank studies hard for the first test in his philosophy class but still gets a bad grade. He decides never to study again since obviously it doesnt help him get good grades. 18. Debby likes to fly home to Chicago for the holidays. Unfortunately, her flights have been cancelled in each of the last four years. Now she has to decide whether to buy a non-refundable ticket for this year. She figures, no matter how unpredictable the weather, its incredibly unlikely to be terrible five years in a row. So she concludes that she is probably safe to go ahead and buy the ticket this year. 19. Charles is playing bingo. Remarkably, hes won three games in a row. Although hes having fun, he thinks to himself, Id better quit while Im ahead. Theres no way this run could extend to four games. 18.