Information and Communication Technology.

What do you think is the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry over the last 10 years? Information and communications technology consists of IT as well as telephony, broadcast media, and all types of audio and video processing and transmission. Under 1500 words. Please pay careful attention to: Appropriateness: Does your essay answer the assigned question? Does your essay address the main topic stated in your thesis? Clarity of exposition and argument: How clearly have you explained the arguments and concepts that are relevant to the topic? How clearly have you expressed your critical evaluation of the arguments? Have you clearly stated the reasons behind your evaluations? Coherence of your explanations and arguments: Does your essay make sense as a whole? Is it well-organized? At each stage of the essay, is it easy to tell what you are saying and how that fits in with what you have already said? Are there any conflicts between things you say at different points in the essay? Do your arguments flow logically from your premises to your conclusions?