Information Literacy and Cyberspace and Global Business.

Information Literacy and Cyberspace and Global Business and its impact onScholarship, Practice, and Leadership aspects Essay � Review the articles on information literacy listed the below: Presidential committee on information literacy: Final report. (1989, January 10). Retrieved October 22, 2008 from Lauer, S. R., & Yodanis, C. L. (2004, July). The international social survey programme (ISSP): A tool for teaching with an international perspective. Teaching Sociology, 32(3), 304. Zabel, D. (2004, January). A reaction to œinformation literacy and higher education. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 30(1), 17-21. One other resource:Perhaps Cyberspace, Information literacy and the information society, Jake Wallis. Citation must be peered reviewed earlier version had articles by; Belkin and Gibson, Chen and Wellman, etc NOTE: This sources have to be cited in the paper � 1050-word or less paper explaining how information literacy influences scholarship, practice, and leadership in your profession or discipline (in this case Information Literacy, and Cyberspace and Global Business). � Include the following components in the paper: o Integration of four sources � Using the four sources, please do not merely summarize the sources. Instead, integrate ideas and perspectives from each of the four sources to substantiate the ideas about how information literacy and Cyberspace, and Global Business impacts scholarship, practice, and leadership in your field. o APA formatting and style � APA Manual (6th ed.) to format the title page, margins, header, spacing, citations, references, etc. according to APA standards. o Scholarly tone � Write in formal, third person and past tense. Avoid using �I,� �we,� �my,� �our,� �you,� �your,� etc. Present an analysis of the topics, not personal opinions.