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Topic: 20025 Please go to You can see On the top of page.Choose student portal(My. CQU) And log in ID: s0231209 password: s160787# And you can see Choose MRKT20025”online moodle course You will see Choose assessment 3 You will see Choose information on assessment 3. You will find the launch assessment 3 details and launch hobbitdata. Savfile.Which is SPSS. Do not submit more than 25 pages for this Assessment. Use Font 12, Times New Roman and single spacing throughout the assignment. There should be no appendices attached and all tables and figures should appear in your body text. A strict report format is not required for this assignment. However, structure and presentation will count. A title page, executive summary, table of contents, body (introduction, answering of all the questions, displaying tables and figures and commenting on the tables and figures) and a conclusion are required for this assessment. Launch Assessment 3 details, opens as Adobe Acrobat pdf file. The questionnaire for this survey is found on p. 489-491, Case 15.3 of the textbook by Burns and Bush. Launch HobbitData.sav file, opens in SPSS software. You can do this assessment by using the SPSS CD-Rom accompanying the textbook or downloading a trial version of SPSS at or going to a campus lab with SPSS. How to download SPSS from the CD accompanying the textbook: Instructions: Select Start. Select Settings. Select Control Panel. Select Classic View. Select Add or Remove Programs. Delete œSecurity Update for Windows XP (KB978601) Restart your computer Install Statistics 18.0 Student Version using your CD-ROM Once Statistics 18.0 Student Version has been installed, students can reinstall KB978601 By registering with , students can access additional support. Failing that, SPSS have recommended that students download the trial version of SPSS V20.0 from their website so they can complete their assignments ( Instructions for SPSS 18 users who are having compatibility programs with Windows 7, XP or Vista. A windows security component update is stopping SPSS from functioning properly and connecting to the internet. What you need to do:- Go to SPSS technical support website “ Register with SPSS Technical Support Populate necessary fields and submit request Student will be provided with login and password Once login details received “ sign in on home page of technical support “ click link Once signed in, go to quick links on left side of page and select Knowledgebase Search In the search field for ˜Enter number of the resolution you want to view,’ type in 89190 This is now the resolution page for the SPSS 18 compatibility issues. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and select ˜SPSS Statistics Student Version 18 Patch.’ Save the patch file to desktop. This is a large file, being 243mb and will take approximately 20mins to download – Then follow the given instructions. Students who have problems opening SPSS 18.0 on Windows 7 can refer to the following site: Note: The SPSS cd-rom does not open on Macintosh computers. However, CQUni offers FREE Mac support that gives a download for a Free version of Virtual Machine to get a FREE version of Microsoft Windows: CRAZY OFFER!!! ASSIGNMENTS COMPLETED FOR FREE!! GET THIS ASSIGNMENT DONE FOR FREE NOW, JUST PLACE YOUR ORDER AND DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENT: WE WILL COMPLETE THE PAPER FIRST BEFORE YOU PAY AND YOU PAY ONLY AFTER YOU RECEIVE AND APPROVE YOUR COMPLETED PAPER! IF YOU ARE NOT IMPRESSED, WE WILL NOT ASK ANYTHING FROM YOU! WHAT ELSE WE WILL DELIVER IT WITHIN YOUR SPECIFIED TIME FROM 3 HOURS TO 10 DAYS DEADLINE. THIS IS ONLY A LIMITED OFFER! TAKE ADVANTAGE!!