Information Security

Information Security Step 1 Install Grabber “Go to “ Before installing, be sure to read how to install need to install python, python-beautifulsoup, etc You can use other tools to scan web applications, but the tools MUST include SQL-based scanning. 2 1/27/2014 2 Step 2 Select a possible URL Run Grabber (e.g., python “spider 1 ” sql “xss “url xxxxxxxxx) 3 Step 3 Submit your comprehensive report based on the result from Grabber The report must include the following: “ Introduction: (20%) Describe why we need to scan web applications Describe the definition and procedure of SQL-based scanning “ Grabber: (20%) Describe the steps that you have used to install Describe how to use Grabber “ Result: (30%) Add screenshots showing the results that Grabber generates “ Conclusion: (30%) Describe what the result means Describe relationship between the result and information security Describe what security technol ogies are needed for vulnerable web applications 4 1/27/2014 3 Due and Format Before the mid exam Use fonts no smaller than 11 points Use a single-column format Use a course message for submission in blackboard No required number of pages, but You MUST address all questions described in the previous slide. 5