Innovation and change

OBJECTIVES: 1. To apply theoretical concepts and models in support of business analysis. 2. To present an academically and professionally sound report. Requirement Your client, Big Idea PLC, has come up with a very ambitious new strategy, designed to see them through the next 5 very challenging years. The strategy calls for new products, retiring some existing products, entering new markets, exiting some existing markets. In addition, new technology will be introduced. Employee numbers will reduce for the exits and the technology, and increase for the new products / markets, net overall increasing. Before they implement their plans, they wish to understand the key lessons of the past regarding change management. As a Consultant, they have asked you to analyse recent successful and unsuccessful examples. Your report should:- 1. Identify and discuss previous examples of successful and unsuccessful change management. 2. Identify the critical success factors if change is to be managed well, applying these to the plans of Big Idea PLC. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.