Interview report(finding a company)

You will identify and reach out to a social entrepreneur in the SF Bay Area who is operating a Social Enterprise business. You will present in a narrative style, the results of your interview. Below are suggested questions: ¢ What was the catalyst for you (or the original SE founder) to start this company? ¢ What type of financial support did you receive initially when starting your enterprise (i.e., grants, loans, funds from friends and families, angel investors or social impact investors). ¢What other resources were most important when starting your enterprise (i.e., team members, physical space, IP, etc)? How did networks play a role in the founding and growth of your company? ¢ What metrics did you use to track your SE’s performance and progress? How did these metrics change over time? ¢ What kind of impact has your SE achieved to date? Whey did your methods work¦or alternatively, not work? ¢ What growth strategies did your SE deploy in the past? Why did they work¦or not work? ¢ What is an area for increasing mission impact that seems most promising? Does that include the launch of a new program, product, or service, or the scaling of an existing one? ¢ Do you need a partnership with others to make your product or service successful? ¢ How much capital must you raise, and in what timeframe, to fuel this new program? What are the likely sources of these funds (e.g., venture philanthropy, donations, impact investors, government grants¦)? What additional resources might you need? ¢ How might personnel be impacted (hiring, layoffs, or shifting of duties) by a new program? Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.