Is Architecture the Museum

Is Architecture the Museum This assessment is a 2500 words critical review based on the topic: œIs Architecture the Museum? Examples of museums and museum practices are to be used to support the arguments. The main aim of the essay is to assess the ability to interrogate the field’s literature and to demonstrate the understanding key themes and issues that we address. Essay Structure 1. Introduce the question: Briefly state how you are going to approach the question. 2. Critically explore the research content: Review the relevant literature and examples of museum practice if and when appropriate. What have other people or institutions contributed to this question? This is the main part of the essay. You need to be able to critically engage with what others have contributed to your question and theme. 3. Conclude by addressing your original question: Your analysis of the literature will enable you to take a critical and informed position on the original question and your approach to it. Readings: 1. Forgan, S (2005) œBuilding the museum: Knowledge, Conflict and the Power of Place Isis, Vol.96, pp572-585 2. Architecture is the museum (Attached) 3. Do museum still need Objects (Attached) 4. The experiential museum (Attached) 5. End of materialism (Attached) 6. Understanding the future. (Attached) Part 1,2,3 of Power point attachments Format: 1.5 or Double line spaced and every page should be numbered Referencing: MHRA Referencing (As shown in attachment)