Journal 3 Cultural Assessment

Journal 3 1. Please follow all instructions given in order for all points to be awarded. 2. All citations must be done in APA format. 3. Note: My institution has zero tolerance for plagiarism. All information source must be properly cited 4. Please follow the guideline below and use the attached files to complete this journal. 5. Student Sample paper is attached; but please do not pick the same Ethnicity that is written in the sample paper. Please refrain from using the same words as the sample paper. This sample paper is only provided to show the sample formatting of the journal. Please remember that this assignment is going to be submitted in Turnitin to detect plagiarism. GUIDELINES FOR SUBMITTING CLINICAL JOURNAL #3. Please refer to chapter 13 pages 242-243 In the TEXT BOOK provided for detail questions on this sub-topic below. (A) Have lunch with someone in your PAR or other, who is of a different cultural background. Include the following data categories pertaining to the person’s culture: 1. History of ethnic/racial origin of the person 2. Values Orientation 3. Cultural sanctions/restrictions 4. Communication 5. Health-related Beliefs and Practices 6. Nutrition 7. Socioeconomic considerations. (B) Compare and contrast to your own culture. (This must be an actual interview for total points to be earned). The write-up of this interview must be included in Journal #3. Journal #3 needs to include: 1. Write-up of the Culture Assessment. Refer to Chapter 13 in your textbook page 242-243). (C) Summary of student clinical activities since the submission of journal 2. (D) Student clinical outcomes met to date. (Refer to student clinical objectives for the course) The objectives and the clinical activity that supports achievement of the outcomes must be written out. (E) Documentation of course content as it relates to clinical activities. (Must document at least three areas of course content with explanation) Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.