Imagine you are a division supervisor for a tech company. Your group is high performing. Every week you and your staff gear up for the dreaded Monday staff meeting. They are long, very little is said that could not be emailed or has not already been noted, and it takes too much time from your group in executing what they need to get started for the week. You want to move these meetings online and make Mondays a telecommute day for your division. Your know your group could be even more productive if they had one telecommute day per week (Mondays). Your position is that an online staff meeting on a telecommute day is the best option. 1. Write a justification memo outlining how the benefits of telecommuting outweigh the costs and how productivity could be increased. 2. Pick a web technology (i.e. WebEx, GoToMeeting, Join Me, AnyMeeting, etc.) and justify why your team should be allowed to utilize this technology. 3. Discuss the importance of workplace culture in the context of this flexible technology. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.