Leading Knowledge Management for Organisational Learning

Length: i need 3000 words Knowledge management analysis of your organisation The requirement is that you write a case study of your local organisation1 in terms of knowledge management concepts. This case study must include a section that sets out future strategies to improve the knowledge management in your organisation. See the ˜Assessment criteria’ for more information. Many students ask people within their organisation for feedback or ideas, or other students to comment on their work. This is acceptable but please note that normal plagiarism rules apply so do not let your group write your assignment for you. You should cite academic literature and refer to knowledge management concepts and constructs that have been part of this topic. Referencing APA style is required for all School of Education topics. Please refer to ˜Referencing resources’ on the Student Learning Centre website for links to APA style of referencing. Points to consider when writing an assignment ¢ Read the assignment details carefully and underline the key aspects that need to be addressed. ¢ Before submitting the assignment re-read the assignment details and check that you have in fact addressed all the points that have been mentioned. ¢ Use an academic style of writing including an introduction and conclusion. The introduction should outline the approach to be taken and the conclusion summarises the argument and leaves the reader with something to think about. Paragraphs should follow sequentially with the first sentence of each paragraph indicating the main theme of the paragraph to provide the reader with an idea of the author’s intention or to act as an introduction. Writing should be succinct and coherent, synthesising the reading material with personal interpretation. ¢ Ensure that you have met and not exceeded the word count. ¢ Use the academic terminology relevant to the topic. ¢ Avoid the use of the first person in an academic paper unless requested to in the assignment details. ¢ Format with double spacing with a 3 centimetre margin. ¢ If using abbreviations, use the expanded version in the first instance accompanied by the abbreviation and then just the abbreviation after that, for example, curriculum-based evaluation (CBE). ¢ Proof-read and edit work before submission. ¢ Provide a variety of sentence starters rather than repeating the same over. ¢ References should be on a separate page titled References. ¢ Check that all citations in the text are detailed in the reference section. Only references cited in the text should be detailed in the reference section. Page numbers must be cited when using a direct quotation. APA referencing is required. See: Penalties may apply if APA style conventions are not followed. ¢ Check that the quotations/citations used are relevant and serve to support the points/argument being made. ¢ Avoid overuse of quotations (no more than about 5% of word length). Quotations should be used sparingly. ¢ Academic integrity is taken very seriously. It is essential to cite your sources using APA style of referencing to avoid plagiarism. Please refer to the Student related policies and procedures manual at: Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.