Literature:Voice and Vision

Watch 2001: A Space Odyssey Based on Clarke’s stories read in Week 3 (The Sentinel and Encounter in the Dawn), 2001: A Space Odyssey has four different stories built within it. After watching answer the following: 1. Discuss the movie as an adaptation of several short stories by Arthur C. Clarke. Is it a literal, loose, or intermediate adaptation? Which stories are most important to the movie and what are the major changes, if any, that occur? 2.Discuss the film’s use of symbols. What are the major ones? Where do they occur? What do they signify? 3.What does the movie’s exposition “ the entire prehistory sequence “ reveal, and how does it relate to the later film? Are there flashbacks or foreshadowings? Where is the climax? 4. What are the major conflicts of the movie and are these conflicts resolved satisfactorily at the end? Would you characterize the ending of the film as happy, sad, or somewhere in between? Is the movie’s theme, main idea, or central meaning stated in sentence form, a confirmation of your values, or does it challenge them? Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Then look no further. Our team of experienced writers are on standby to deliver to you a quality written paper as per your specified instructions. Order Now, and enjoy an amazing discount!!