long-term competitive strategy and marketing plan for Allround.

1)Develop a long-term competitive strategy and marketing plan for Allround. with tables and figures included. Provide charts,graphs, 1)Please provide written essay with charts to back up your points 2)PLEASE PROVIDE double spaced 12 pt 2 pages. 3)EXPLAIN YOUR PLANNED MARKETING GOALS FOR YEARS ONE AND BEYOND WITH BAR CHARTS. 4)PLEASE GIVE GRAPHS HIGHLIGHTING SALES VOLUME,PROFIT,CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 4)Some examples of charts could be-PIE CHART, BAR GRAPHS. 5)PLEASE PROVIDE A FEW OF YOUR REFERENCES FROM THE SOURCE BELOW- (important to give examples from this book which you can point out in the essay) Essentials of Marketing Management, by Greg Marshall and Mark Johnston (2010). McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 978-0078028786. PART I (PAGE 1) Recommended Competitive Marketing Strategy, Target Marketing, and Marketing Objectives: In this section, make a statement of, and provide analytical support for, your team¿½s competitive marketing strategy and recommended target market. This section also should define and explain your planned marketing goals for year one and beyond in terms of metrics you select such as sales volume, market share, profit, and/or customer satisfaction and the like. PAGE 2 (PART 2) Action Programs: Based on your competitive strategy, the Action Program should include proposed strategies for the 4 P¿½s (product, price, distribution, promotion) that will meet your brand¿½s objectives. Address what you plan to do and the analysis leading to those plans. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.