Managing Organizational Change

Course title: MANAGING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE (not Operations Management). Discussion Week 5 Can you think of a position within your organization that could be eliminated? If you can’t think of one to be eliminated, can you think of one that could be added? You can be creative, but substantiate your argument. Instruction: Please compose a 2-3 paragraph response to the questions above. Follow the rubric requirements (attached). Sources must be cited with APA format. This discussion is based upon personal experience but should have references. Again, the course title is Managing Organizational Change. For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now! What We Offer: ¢ On-time delivery guarantee ¢ PhD-level writers ¢ Automatic plagiarism check ¢ 100% money-back guarantee ¢ 100% Privacy and Confidentiality ¢ High Quality custom-written papers