Market research, research proposal.

1. AptarGroup will like to capture more market in North America {Canada, USA, Mexico} in terms of new technology trends or market platforms to grow {help understand what are the dispensing innovations at disposal} 2. AptarGroup would like to know more about these 3 North American markets in order to help understand where the wipe market is going, to make strategic decisions as to whether to invest or not invest in development of wipes dispensing technology. 3. To attain a wipes and wipe dispenser sale market growth of atleast 3% annually {help see if there is enough opportunity for growth}. 4. To know what are the consumer needs and consumer behaviors based on competitive landscape. The Aptar 6 sigma based Research Write-up: 1) a. Hypothesize 2-3 impacts of technology and trends on how consumer will use wipes in future {2016 to 2020} b. Determine what innovation might be required to support changing usage patterns {support with survey data}. c. Identify technology and market trends{changes} anticipated in Canada, USA, Mexico {especially in current packaging deficiency and areas of innovation evident in last 18 months} 2) Identify wipe usage patterns and application fields. i.e. Home care wipes, Personal wipes & Baby wipes {backed up with data’s provided} a. Prioritize 2 to 4 applications fields for investment decision in wipes dispensing innovation. b. Develop go-to-market strategies including targeted innovation partners and lead customers in; 1. Mexico, 2. USA and 3. Canada {backed with quantitative datas} NOTE: If applicable create a segmentation, targeting, competitive positioning & product pricing graphic analysis framework for existing markets platforms to make max profits for Aptar {support findings with tabulated data i.e. pie charts, bar charts and graphs} 3) 5 Porter forces for Aptar inc. {make detailed and specific data’s} SWOT analysis {make detailed & specific data’s} a) Develop Recommendations for Aptar’s Home care wipes, Personal wipes & Baby {in bullet points} backed by the data provided in reference to Aptar partners i.e. Proctor & Gamble, Berlin Packaging, Private label Recommendation strategies in 1. Mexico 2. USA 3. Canada Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.