Mentoring Student Nurses as a Guide into Practice.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements ¢ Mentoring Student Nurses ¢ Written at Maters level. ¢ Harvard Referencing. And to incorporate journals and books and to remain in the UK as much as possible. ¢ Mentoring strategies to prepare students for clinical practice. ¢ Establishing work relationships. ¢ How to plan out learning, so the student would achieve their learning outcomes. ¢ Assessment of accountability, NMC ¢ How to evaluate learning ¢ Teaching skills. ¢ Why use a SWOT analysis and argue why this is good or bad and compare. ¢ Base this on the NMC (nursing and midwifery council) Standards To Support Learning and Assessment In Practice ¢ Also use the Frances Report to refer to and use the Six C’s (Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage, Commitment,) ¢ Use Learning styles and facilitation of learning. ¢ Learning styles with student. In detail. ¢ Analysis mentors teaching skills and techniques ¢ Also analysis mentors barriers such as failing to fail Duffy 2003 and Failure to fail art and science Nursing Standard 2007 The Toxic Mentor who makes it difficult for the student to achieve their learning outcomes. ¢ Use Scot I and Spouse J 2010 Practice Based Learning in Health and Social Care. ¢ Use Principles of Practice assessment. ¢ Facilitation of learning. For example use knowledge of the students stage of learning to select appropriate learning opportunities to meet individual needs and feedback. ¢ Facilitation and selection of appropriate learning strategies to integrate learning from practice and academic experiences. ¢ Assessment and accountability and how to provide feedback ¢ Must use and compare to NMC Standards of Support learning and assessment in practice. ¢ Mentor’s accountability in nursing practice and use NMC Code. ¢ How a mentor should perform as teacher. (learning and assessing. ) ¢ Critically analysis in depth and map this out. ¢ Barriers that can occur and why. ¢ Some books that also must be used are as follows. Being an Effective Mentor Kathleen Feeney Jonson 2008, Nurse as Educator, Susan B Bastable 2014, Mentoring Preceptor ship and Clinical Supervision. 2000, Mastering Mentorship, Julie Baily- McHale and Donna Hart, 2011, The Code: Standards of Conduct, Performance and ethics for nurses and midwives . 2008. ¢ Conclusion