Midterm- Public Policy

Be sure to draw notes(citation) and make reference to the reading. Book is ONLY Deborah Stone. Paradox (Art of Political Decision Making) 1. Given the complexity involved in the constructing a social problem based on Stone, do social problems like poverty, welfare dependency , unemployment etc. have known causes? Explain why identifying and or defining policy problems may be difficult process and why constructing and effective solution might be an even more difficult process. In other words what is the role of values n all of this? Be sue to provide examples. 2.Public Policy is fundamentally about distributions. How we distribute, however may ultimately hinge on how we conceive of the concept of equality. What are the different meanings of equality? And n a diverse society where there is no unified value system, what should the purpose of democracy be? Given the multiple meanings, how do you go about the task of drawing up a plan for distribution? be sure to provide example. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.