Mixed use building.

What influenced People’s park complex? Designing People’s park complex in the 1970s ¢ Metabolist movement in Japan (Fumihiko Maki) ¢ Corbusian principles ¢ Case study o Unite Habitation “ Le Corbusier’s influence People’s park complex How People’s park complex influenced modern mixed use buildings in Singapore? People’s park complex as a template for Singapore’s current mixed use buildings ¢ 10 principles of liveable high density cities ¢ Case study o Compare and contrast of the spaces in People’s park complex against a modern suburban mixed use building (Bedok Mall) o Results (the evolution of mixed use buildings) Effectiveness of People’s park complex as a urban revitalization projects and how mixed use concepts can be taken further ¢ Effectiveness of the approach of mixed use building in Singapore’s urban context o Advantages of current mixed use designs o Disadvantages of current mixed use designs ¢ Current technologies that can be incorporated into current mixed use buildings o Vertical farming Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.