Multiple Choice ,Choose one Topic

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements 1.What insights might the sociology of expectations provide to an account of contemporary anti-ageing research? 2.Discuss Urry’s four scenarios of a society beyond oil. Which of these scenarios do you find most likely? Why? 3.Are robot futures more a matter of hype than hope? Support your argument with examples. 4.Compare and contrast the dystopian cinematic representation of future media and the spectacle of violence in any two of the following films: Westworld (1973), Rollerball (1975), The Running Man (1987), Jurassic Park (1993), or The Truman Show (1998). 5.With reference to the writings of Kilgore and Valentine, how do Astrofuturism and NewSpace compare in terms of their visions for humans in space? 6.Reflect on ˜alternate reality gaming’ as a learning method. How did this help you to imagine and reflect on possible futures? 7.How have scientists and technologists linked their research to the official societal challenges faced by Europe? Are you convinced that this research will indeed help find a solution to these challenges? Discuss with reference to 1-2 examples. Requirements: 1.Answer the question! 2.Use the active as opposed to passive voice and use the first person where appropriate 3.Don’t misuse the apostrophe 4.Reference your sources properly and consistently throughout the essay