Narrative and visual elements in making a film.

Choose ONE of the following and write 825 words, obviously paying attention to the structure (including paragraphing) of your response. Choose ONE: 1-) If you were to make a film of A LONG WAY GONE, how would you approach it? What narrative and visual elements would be important? How would it be different to Blood Diamond? 2-) Imagine you are a case worker who was involved in the rehabilitation process for both Ishmael and Dia. Write an account (using first person ˜I’) of the similarities and differences in their rehabilitation journeys. 3-) Analyze the theme of social responsibility that both Blood Diamond and A Long Way Gone explore. In what ways did the promotional marketing of the film and book tap into this theme? 4-) Compare and contrast the role of storytelling in A Long Way Gone to Blood Diamond. Ishmael Beah is a powerful storyteller and this connects him to his future mother, Laura Simms. How does his perspective compare to the film’s perspective? Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.