Nursing research in Canada.

A. Using nursing research in Canada 3e by Geri LoBiondo-waood and Cherylyn Cameron Mina D.Singh in the course text, please answer the following questions. You must provide the appropriate reference for each answer, i.e., the author(s), year, and page number(s). The full reference for each chapter you use must also be in the reference list. Do not use direct quotes from your text book. You need to put the answers into your own words to show that you understand, rather than that you can simply copy and paste. 1. Define each of research, evidence-based practice, and evidence-informed practice.Explain the main difference between the research and the evidence-informed practice processes. 2. Define each of non-directional, directional, and null hypotheses.Explain what non-directional and directional hypothesis have in common that is different from null hypothesis 3. Describe 2 ways in which you as a newly graduated nurse will be expected to use your research-related competencies 4. Define each of critical thinking and critical reading.Identify and describe 1 strategy that you plan to use for each of the 4 stages of the critical reading process. B. Using the qualitative article indicated in the Course Outline, please answer the following questions.Include the reference for the article in the reference list, but do not repeatedly provide the reference within the text of your assignment. Instead, indicate before you answer questions 5-8 that all answers will be about the article (reference appropriately) and so you will not repeat the reference within the questions. You must, however, provide the section and associated page number (or numbers as appropriate) for every question that indicates they are required. For example, if writing something about the Abstract then you might note (Abstract, p. 2419). The section and page number(s) show that you know which part of an article to critique for a specific area, therefore they are very important. Direct quotes from the article may be appropriate, e.g., the purpose, and they are acceptable in this part of your assignment only. Use ONLY the ratings of WEAK, FAIR, GOOD, or STRONG (or combination such as good-strong) in all questions where ratings are required.Please see the document called ˜Notes re identifying strengths-weaknesses’ 5. Rate the title and provide 2 specific points of rationale for your rating. for correct rating + supporting general statement; correct specific point for rationale; for correct section and page number 6. What style of abstract was provided?Rate the abstract and provide 2 specific points of rationale for your rating7. Was the phenomenon of interest clearly identified (yes/no)?Rate the clarity of the phenomenon of interest and provide 2 specific points of rationale for your rating 8. What was the purpose of this study?Rate the purpose and provide 3 specific points of rationale for your rating rating + supporting general statement + correct specific point for rationale and make sure you put the correct section and page number) Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.