Concepts for further analysis: Describe the structure of a cereal grain; identify the parts of the grain that contribute to fiber, starch, and rancidity. How are additives applied to grain products if the additives are not stable when heated? Explain. Explain how cereal grains are used in the American food supply. Briefly outline each. Identify the three grains of primary importance in the world today. (List them) Based on your answer from question #4, explain the following for each grain: How is the grain classified b. How is the grain grown (only for wheat) c. What forms are found in the food supply? (Identify and define various forms of each grain) a. Describe the moist-heat preparation method for pasta. b. Explain how cooked pasta hold its shape. Why does the cooking water from pasta become cloudy? Your sister desires consuming the healthiest grain products. Would you recommend white flour for consumption? Why or why not- explain in detail. Explain how popcorn pops. a. What is starch? b. Identify and explain the functions of starch in the food supply. Why are amylose and amylopectin important to starch? Explain. What is gelatinization? Explain the process and the factors that influence gelatinization. How does too much heat or too little heat affect gelatinization? How is a gel formed? Explain. How would one avoid eventual syneresis (retrogradation) when making a pie? What is a modified starch? How do they work? Give examples of types of modified starches and their use in processed food. What are the three primary ingredients in a sauce? Explain each. Vocabulary for a better understanding: Choose only 5 and write definition with your own words. Extruding Semolina Al dente Amylose Amylopectin Retrogradation Syneresis Gelatinization Gel formation Dextrinization Dextrose Equivalent (DE) Modified starch Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.