Omani Brand.

-Define Segmentation ””” provide citation -Benefits of segmentation i.e. why should segmentation be done? (1para comprising of 5 points)””“ provide citation -What level of segmentation is done by the chosen brand? Give reasons to support your answer. (1para) Levels of segmentation (choose what is suitable for the chosen brand): Mass Marketing, Segment Marketing, Niche Marketing and Micromarketing -What type of segmentation is used by the chosen company? Give reason? (1para) Variables of segmentation are (choose what is suitable for the chosen brand (refer to brand’s website) ): *Geographic segmentation for example small market like food stuff store and big market national market. *Demographic Segmentation like age, gender, income, occupation, education, religion, nationality, family size etc. *Psycho graphic segmentation like Values, Attitudes and/or Lifestyles (VALs). *Behavioral Segmentation like occasions, benefits, user status, usage rate, etc. -Define targeting. ””” provide citation -Benefits of targeting i.e. why segmentation should be done? (1para comprising of 5 points)””“ provide citation -What type of targeting has the chosen company done? Give reasons (1para) MARKETING MIX: -PRODUCT MIX *Define a Product. ””” provide citation *Identify what type of product is sold? (whether shopping/convenience/luxury category of consumer good) Justify (Give reason) (1para) *Apply levels of product concept to the chosen brand. Give examples (1para) There are 3 levels: Core Product, Expected Tangible Product and Augmented Product Note: focus more on levels of product and write it in a useful and attractive way because this section has more marks. *Identify which stage in the PLC (Product Life Cycle) is the chosen brand (refer to brand’s website)? (Introduction/growth/maturity/decline?) Justify (Give reason) (1para comprising of 5 points) *Branding followed by the product (identify the elements of the brand like logo, name, colour scheme, script, labeling, bottle shape etc) -PRICE MIX *Define Price. ””” provide citation *Type of pricing strategy used by the chosen brand. Justify (give reason) (1para) -PLACE MIX *Define a Place. ””” provide citation *What type of distributors are used for the brand? Identify the some of the major distributors for the chosen brand in Oman. (1para) Some examples of distributors: Lulu Hyper Market, Prime Trading Company, Mahul Enterprices *Specify whether intensive/selective/exclusive distribution strategy is use by the chosen brand. Give reasons (1para) *Also specify whether the brand uses 0/1/2/3 level channel of distribution. Why? (1para) Example of one-level channel distributor: MANUFACTURER”””->CUSTOMER -PROMOTION MIX *Define a Promotion. ””” provide citation *What methods of promotion are undertaken by the chosen brand? Give examples from advertising, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing used by the chosen brand. Why do you think did they use each of these methods? Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.