Philosophy of Religion.

1. What is psychological egoism, what implications would its truth have for our understanding of morality, and, most importantly, is it true or false? Plato (Ring of Gyges), Feinberg 2. Are truths about right and wrong always only relative to a particular culture or individual? Why or why not? Rachels, Williams 3. There are differences and perhaps disagreements about moral questions between cultures and even between individual members of the same culture. What importance does this fact have for our understanding of what morality is? Rachels, Williams, Mackie, Nagel 4. What is the relationship between morality and religion? Does something’s being morally right just consist in its being commanded by God? Plato (Euthyphro) 5. What does Moore mean when he calls goodness a simple, indefinable property? Is he right, either in whole or in part? Moore, Mackie, Nagel 6. What is emotivism or expressivism as a metaethical view, and how persuasive are the arguments for it? Hume, Mackie 7. How important is it for our understanding of morality that moral judgements are intended to motivate us and get us to act? Hume, Mackie 8. How persuasive as arguments against non-naturalist moral realism of Moore’s type are Mackie’s argument from relativity and argument from queerness? Mackie, Nagel Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.