Philosophy, Principles and Practice

General Task: -Public health source: Summary and interpretation(show your understanding). -Word count: 900 “ 1000 words(excluding in & end text reference). Text book: you can use as recommended(Fran Baum) The New Public Health 3rd edition. -Marks: 30. -Please use Australian spelling. -(correct) APAstyle {In text and end text referencing}. -Do not rewrite or paraphrase large sections of the article or long descriptive lists. -Find further reliable and academic material to reference in your work in order to support your answers -Answer all the (4) questions (address all parts of individual questions) in sections while you are writing. OVERVIEW: This assignment requires you to analyse and interpret a public health document. The document is the Western Australian Women’s Health Strategy 2012-2015(please see the pdf file for this).Highlight the important aspects. You have to; ‚· Discuss in detail the nature and scope of public health, including attention to current challenges; and ‚· Demonstrate an understanding of the wide range of factors that need to be considered in thinking about the possible causes of specific health outcomes. TASK: Answer all four (4) questions below. Use the marking rubric to guide your work. Also refer to the Master’s Level Guide (see p. 5 below) for expected levels of work and corresponding grades. Take particular notice of the instructions in italics. Question one(6 marks).A & B a.Briefly and succinctly explain in your own words the main purpose of the Western Australian Women’s Health Strategy 2012-2015. (Do notreword the Purpose on page 9). Demonstrate you have read and understood the purpose from reading the whole strategy. The strategy discusses and lists a range of other policies and frameworks that they have used to inform and guide the planning and developing their strategy. Do not include this material in your summary of the Strategy purpose. b.Why is it necessary to develop a health strategy specifically for women?Use material from the Western Australian Women’s Health Strategy 2012-2015 and additional sources to support your answer. Why is it important to focus on one gender, and this gender in particular? Question two(6 marks). Explain how the concept of ˜health’ is perceived in the Western Australian Women’s Health Strategy 2012-2015. Relate your answer to definitions, concepts and models of health provided in the public health literature, and provide evidencefrom the documentto support your answer. Consider different perspectives and models of health. Relate examples to theories on health and illness. Is there one view or many? Explain your answer. Question three(6 marks). Identify the main influences on the health status of women living in Western Australia, as indicated in the Western Australian Women’s Health Strategy 2012-2015. Relate your answer to pertinent theories and beliefs around determinantsempowerment, autonomy and others of health and illness throughout public health history to the present day. Provide evidence& examples from the document to support your answer. Question four(6 marks) To what extent does theWestern Australian Women’s Health Strategy 2012-2015align withthe Public Health Association of Australia’s contemporary definition of public health? Review PHAA definition, and our analysis of this. Find evidence with the Strategy, and discuss examples of alignment To what extent do they align? Academic writing style(3 marks) Please note, 3 marks are given in this work for academic writing style (see Marking Guidelines document). Referencing(3 marks) I need about (12 “ 15) minimum It is expected that you will refer to at least three academic sources per question, in addition to citing information from the Western Australian Women’s Health Strategy 2012-2015, to support your discussion. Unit material from modules one and two are pertinent to this assessment. This includes: -The nature, history and scope of public health -Determinants of health -Elements of public health -Aspects of public health in Australia Please note the following: All answers are supported by cited evidence from the Strategy Document and additional relevant, recent and reliable sources (questions 1(b) to 4 only). Evidence of ability to summarise, discuss, interpret or explain the relevant content of the Strategy Document (as determined by the assessment question). Demonstrates ability to relate and apply the content of the Strategy Document to health and public health concepts, views, theories or approaches (questions 1(b) t