Production and Benchmarking in general motors

You may write one page for each point the points: 1. First the Balanced Scorecard 2. Second is the Production and Benchmarking in general motors The Balanced Scorecard Strategic management (Strategies in Action) What is the Balanced Scorecard? How we do it? What is the benefit for it? You may write one page for it or little more You may need this for some help ¹ derives its name from the perceived need of firms to balance financial measures that are oftentimes used exclusively in strategy evaluation and control with nonfinancial measures such as product quality and customer service ¹ The overall aim is to balance shareholder objectives with customer and operational objectives ¹ Consistent with the notion of continues improvement in management (CIM), and total quality management (TQM) 2- The two main point Write about Production and Benchmarking Answer this question for my case study (no need for any concept or introduction) one paragraph is enough My case study is about general motor You have to answer the chick list question about general motors Production the questions in the checklist and write in one-paragraph comments 1. Are supplies of raw materials, parts, and subassemblies reliable and reasonable? 2. Are facilities, equipment, machinery, and offices in good condition? 3. Are inventory-control policies and procedures effective? 4. Are quality-control policies and procedures effective? 5. Are facilities, resources, and markets strategically located? 6. Does the firm have technological competencies? Benchmarking Do general motor have a benchmarking? Write in one paragraph about it Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.