Project Appraisal & Cost Control

Introduction This assignment is designed to test your understanding of appraisal techniques used to help clients make decisions about alternative design solutions. The tasks are specified and an explanation of what is required is provided, as well as an indication of the criteria that will be used when marking your assignment. Tasks You are employed by a consulting company and have been asked to present a report in relation to alternative window specifications for a local authority in a poor neighbourhood in London characterised by a high level of crime and burglary. The purpose of this report is to allow the local authority to make an informed decision about choice of windows for their housing projects. The report should have the following sections: 1 An introduction Need a brief explanation of the brief relating to what you were asked to do to provide the context for the report. 2 Whole life cost comparison Compare the whole life/ life cycle costs of alternative window specifications, assuming a 60-year life cycle and using an appropriate discount rate. You should choose three completely different windows for your evaluation. All windows should meet minimum performance requirements. These requirements and assumptions must be clearly stated in your report. 3 Multi-criteria assessment As a consultant to the local authority, explain and demonstrate numerically how you would make your selection for the most suitable window from three different types of windows using at least five distinct and relevant performance criteria. You are asked to develop a list of criteria and attempt to score each specification against the criteria to arrive at a total performance score for each design option/specification. A brief explanation of the criteria used, weighting and scoring system must also be provided. 4 Conclusion and discussion of approaches used The final section of your report should summarise your findings, but also highlight any difficulties that you experienced in undertaking this comparison and the limitations in relation to the techniques used that you feel your employer should be aware of. This section should draw on what you have read about these approaches and your own experience in using these approaches. 5 Annex List the sources that you have used, identify the information that has come from the sources and how you have used this data to arrive at the figures presented in the report. There is a need for a clear audit trail in, order to asses your report. Please do not include a stack of brochures and photocopies of every source you have consulted. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.