Project Evaluation, Lessons Learned, and Synthesis of Insights Gained

Scholarly Paper To prepare: ‚· Examine a minimum of three organizations that have published descriptions about a health care information technology project. ‚· Analyze the reports of these organizations’ experiences with HIT project management in order to draw out insights on real-world project management. You may need to examine trade publications in addition to scholarly journals. ‚· Consider the following questions as you analyze the articles: Evaluation ‚· What tools or strategies were used for evaluating the success of the project? ‚· What examples are there of the project being unsuccessful? Lessons Learned ‚· Describe the project outcomes: © 2013 Laureate Education, Inc. 11 o What were some successful outcomes of the project? Were the project goals met? o Was a debriefing of the project conducted with the project team? o What happened to the information gained from the debriefing? o How did the project team and the organization support project debriefing? ‚· Companies have historically looked at technical skills, but more and more business managers are realizing that the absence of good people skills tends to cripple projects. What does the scholarly literature suggest are three critically important things a project manager (or project team member) must do well to help a project succeed? To complete: In a 5 page paper, address the following: ‚· Synthesize insights on health care organizations’ support for and conduct of project evaluations and project team debriefings. ‚· Compare your insights from the articles with information from project management literature about project evaluations and team debriefings. Be sure that the comparisons you make are clear to the reader. ‚· Explain how your insights into these aspects of project management will impact your ability to successfully manage health care information technology projects. ‚· Include insights on how the use and non-use of formal project management could impact the success of health care information technology projects. Use literature sources to support your perspectives on this topic. ‚· Provide a conclusion that synthesizes key points from the analyses and comparison. Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.