Project Management for Business

Assignment Information The FiReControl project aimed to improve the resilience, efficiency and technology of the English Fire and Rescue Service by replacing 46 local control rooms with a network of nine purpose-built regional control centres using a national computer system to handle calls, mobilise equipment and manage incidents. The project commenced in 2004 and was expected to be complete by October 2009. In 2007, the Department for Communities and Local Government contracted European Air and Defence Systems (EADS) (now Cassidian) to design, develop and install the computer system underpinning the project. However, the project was subject to a number of delays and costs escalated over its lifetime. The Department cancelled the project in December 2010 after concluding that it could not be delivered to an acceptable timeframe. At the point the decision was made, the Department estimated it had spent £245 million on the project and calculated that completion would take the total cost of the project to £635 million, more than five times the original estimate of £120 million. National Audit Office (2011) (The detailed information for this project can be found at the following web links: You have been asked to write a report for the Department for Communities and Local Government to ensure that the organisation learns lessons from the mistakes made on this project. Drawing on relevant project management theory, you should critically evaluate the project, focussing your report on two of the following areas of project management, providing clear recommendations for future projects: 1. How projects should be selected effectively (the business case) 2. How stakeholders were and should be managed 3. Effective project governance Structure Your assignment should be presented as a report, using the following structure: Report section Included in word count ? Executive summary No ? Introduction to the report Yes ? Brief background of the project Yes ? Main discussion on two topics Yes ? Conclusions Yes ? Recommendations Yes ? Reference list No The word count for this assignment is 2000 words. There is a 10% word limit tolerance. (Maximum/minimum range: 1800 to 2200 words.) Tables, diagrams, appendices and references are omitted from the overall word count: Sections contributing to the word count are indicated. You may also include tables, diagrams and models. These do not count towards the word count. Ensure that all tables, diagrams and models are labelled, include a citation and are discussed in the text. Appendices and reference list are also not included in the word count. You must state the number of words used on the front cover of the assignment. Source material You are required to research both the project and project management theory in order to successfully complete this assignment. As a guide, you should use a minimum of 10 separate sources, including a minimum of 3 textbooks and 3 journal articles. An initial reading list will be provided on Moodle. However, this should be viewed as a starting point for your research. You should also consider material that does not appear on the list. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT