Region and social class

Outline of the Essay Assignments: I.On the title page, (1) please give your paper a title that captures the content of the hypothesis you are developing. (2) The title page should also include your name, Course title and the date. II. Second page should begin with an introduction of the general topic which is political ideology. This should take a paragraph. III. Next section should summarize key aspects of the ideology that you are interested in studying which will serve as your guiding theory. IV. Statement of the hypothesis that you are interested in studying in depth which is related to the discussion of ideology you offered in part III.. ((iii) Review of Data and Sources that you will use as evidence to support as well as evidence that may counter it. (iv). Conclusion: What will you do should the evidence support or challenge your hypothesis? How will it affect your understanding of the political ideology you have selected to study? (v) There should be a separate page for a bibliography list including the listing of the textbook you have used with names of its authors, its title underlined, (date of publication: name of publisher, date of publication) and page numbers if you have used quotes. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.