research methods midterm “design an experiment”

Order Description [50 points]. 1. Please choose an aspect of public policy. 2. Please identify your concepts. 3. Define your Independent and Dependent Variables. 4. Operationalize your concepts. 5. Please state your hypothesis with the operationalized variables. 6. Specify the type of experiment you will design. a. i.e. Set the pre-test and post-test conditions; Experiment group and control groups. b. Elaborate on your sampling strategy. 7. Assume that you have reached some data after the experiment. Summarize the findings briefly. 8. Do you accept or reject the hypothesis? 9. Please identify possible sources of internal invalidity by referring to the list of factors of internal / external invalidity in Babbie and Benaquisto. Please elaborate on them! 10. Please suggest improvements for the next experiments. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT