RIE Case Study Analysis

Refer to the RIE case study. Assume you are the leader of the fraud investigation team. Questions: 1. Develop an investigative plan that outlines your course of action. Consider the goals, likely procedures, deadlines, staffing needs and time period. 2. What legal problems, if any, do you anticipate as part of this fraud examination? What will you do to avoid them? 3. Whom are you planning to interview and in what order? How will you schedule the interviews and where should you conduct them? 4. Where are the most likely places that you will find relevant evidence? For a custom paper on the above case study, place your order now! What We Offer: ¢ On-time delivery guarantee ¢ PhD-level writers ¢ Automatic plagiarism check ¢ 100% money-back guarantee ¢ 100% Privacy and Confidentiality ¢ High Quality custom-written papers