Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership

Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Review each of the articles provided by your instructor as they will serve as the primary basis for your analysis and evaluation. Analysis (i.e. Identify and break into parts for identification and comparison): ¢Select one component of the SPL model that best aligns with your beliefs and professional context. ¢Identify a minimum of two main ideas presented in the literature that are specific to your selected SPL component. ¢Perform an analysis of your selected SPL component that includes an explanation of: —¦The relationship between the main ideas introduced in the literature —¦The alignment between the main ideas introduced in the literature and your beliefs —¦The limitations imposed by your professional setting on the selected SPL component Evaluation (i.e.Make a conclusion based on empirical data and a clear rationale): ¢Evaluate how your selected SPL component (a) influences the other SPL components; and (b) is influenced by the other SPL components. Your evaluation should include: —¦Two clearly stated conclusions to support your SPL component as the influencer —¦One conclusion to support how your SPL component is influenced —¦A minimum of one alternate perspective for how SPL components could influence one another —¦Explain the assumptions underlying your each of your conclusions —¦Support your conclusions with informed, reasoned judgments that draw upon evidence from the literature. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.