security, encrypting plaintext, public key cryptography,

1. What are the two methods of encrypting plaintext and provide an example of each. (I want a specific type of cryptosystem for each, they are in the book but you will have to search) 2. What are hash functions used for?(They ensure what?) 3. What is the fundamental difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption? 4. Why do modern encryption algorithms use keys? 5. How is public key cryptography used to provide digital signatures? 6. What is the need for PKI? 7. Which security protocols are predominately used in web-based electronic commerce? 8. Why is WEP not used anymore? 9. Select an attack on a cryptosystem and describe it, how would you defend against it? 10. What are digital certificates? Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.