SOCI Assignment 2

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements Construct a 2-4 page paper that fully satisfies these two areas: 2. Based upon your topic chosen in the first assignment (HIV/AIDS), describe two organizations that is seeking to address this social problem. (1-2 pages). Analyze two major ways that each organization is addressing the social problem you have mentioned. For example, are they helping to create homeless shelters, are they helping people receive drug treatment, or are they working with state and local authorities to curb suffering in some area? 3. Use at least four concepts or theories from our text (not used in our first assignment) for each organization. Don’t forget to include proper APA-style citation and reference. Required refrence: Leon-Guerrero, A. (2013). Social Problems: Community, Policy, and Social Action (4th ed). Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications Inc. Also include 2 additional refrences.