social change

The mission of the University is to develop not only scholar-practitioners, but also to foster positive social change. This mission has great potential impact for students at any degree level, but, for the doctoral student, it is particularly relevant. The research that you undertake, and the questions that you ask to fill in the gaps of what is known and what is not known can have authentic, far-reaching ramifications. Quality Indicator 6 in the Dissertation Prospectus Guide poses this question: Does this project have [the] potential to [e]ffect positive social change? The An Annotated Outline section within the Dissertation Prospectus Guide”your model for completing your own draft”includes a section titled Significance that asks, How might the potential findings lead to positive social change? The tenets of positive social change are deeply embedded in the University, and your own research will continue to contribute to that tradition. With consideration to this clear commitment, think about your area of interest and your research questions. How does your research topic contribute to positive social change? Additional consideration of this question at this point might further fuel your dissertation efforts. Post 2-3 pages a brief description of your dissertation topic and an explanation of the purpose of your study. Explain how your dissertation research might effect social change. Be specific and use examples to illustrate your explanation. Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.