social networking website

This is your assessment: An internet entrepreneur wants to setup a social networking website (examples of social networking websites include Facebook and Myspace) for students to interact in any country in the world. It is currently in the early stages of development in its domestic market. The entrepreneur wants to rapidly expand the growth of the company and also wants to assess the financial viability of various revenue streams for his business. He has now hired you as a financial consultant to advise him on this analysis. He would like a 4000 word report to advise him on the financial viability of various revenue streams for his business and his expansion plan. Write a 4000 word report for the entrepreneur advising him as the financial consultant. The assessment aims are to: -assess tackling an abstract problem independently and then analysing and formulating a solution. -demonstrate that one can apply the theories and concepts covered throughout the course to a business problem. -test the student’s ability to plan, prioritise and select what information is more important than others to be included in the report. This means thinking carefully about the content. -be able to clearly and concisely present and write a report. Submit your report in MICROSOFT WORD format. Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.