standard procedure for Bacterial Management

Develop of standard of procedure for Bacterial Management Use an academic words when write the proposal please read the instructions carefully: The proposal should be technically and scientifically need it like a PROTOCOL. Loaded with literature review. list any detailed information regarding types, treatments, antibiotics, dosage to support and emphasis the idea. Just need introduction, background and literature review for now ¦ later in another order will ask for material and method, result and discussion as I’m working on getting all information! Hypothesis: Identify Contaminated Bacteria that Kill Larvae Culture in aquaculture facilities? will look for 4 bacteria species, Vibrio spp, Fecal Coliforms spp, Aeromonas spp and pseudomonas spp Instructions: “ 3 pages, introduction of the presence of deterious bacteria in surface water. mention the importance of water quality in aquaculture. mentioned why most larvae culture crush because of a contamination. types of bacteria found in seawater heterotrophic and autotrophic. mention E.coli as an indicator of a contamination of source water. 7 pages literature review, mention all the pathogenic agents in water that harm the invertebrates.types of media used to isolate bacteria, procedures, antibiotics that works on these bacteria. and all other stuff related to disinfect water supply before introducing the water to the cultures Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.