Star Fox the game

In this assignment, you will be exploring star fox the video game and focusing on the themes of the game, its influences, what it says about history, the characters and whether or not you can connect with them, the theme music, its impact in pop culture, and your connection to the game. Step 1: Choose a Video Game Video Games come in many varieties. ¢ Facebook games and smart phone games are banned. ¢ Games that have very thin plots can only be written about if they made some sort of impact on pop culture. For instance, you can write about the Mario games as they are still the face people think of for video games. ¢ Another option is to pick a game that has a story and characters that resonate with you. By that I mean connects with your values. Maybe the game holds a specific place in your heart? Maybe a loved one introduced you to this game? ¢ The intro to your paper should focus on why you selected the video game in the first place. Feel free to walk me through the process of how you selected it. However, this can be no longer than half a page. Step 2: Research the Game For this paper start with Google. ¢ What’s the story behind this game? What lead to it being created? ¢ Who developed this game? Note that this is not the same as who published it. What is the developers’ history? What are they known for? What led them to making this game? ¢ What was going on in the world when this game was created? Was it that this was new technology and the game was a way to show off the tech? Did the game come out around the time of the second Iraq war? 9/11? ¢ It’s okay to start with Wikipedia¦but don’t use it as a source. Instead, use it as a launching pad to find more credible places to find information about the video game. ¢ You must use at least two outside sources for this assignment. One of these sources must be academic. Step 3: Analyze the Game Once you’ve researched it a bit time to analyze that sucker! ¢ What is the overall theme of the story? What is its message? It can be more than one, but focus on one in particular while only examining the others. Give me some scenes that point out the theme. Quote dialogue. Etc. ¢ What are its influences? You might need to do some research on this. But what inspired the writers/developers in creating this world? ¢ Who are the characters? Explore them a bit. Don’t summarize the characters. EXPLORE them. By this I mean, what is it that makes them compelling? Tell me about some scenes that prove this? Focus on the protagonist and the antagonist, though you can include one or two supporting characters. Give me some examples of dialogue that helps prove this. ¢ Music. Does it enhance the story? How so? ¢ Analyzing will make up the bulk of your paper so ensure that you pace accordingly. Step 4: Impact ¢ What impact did this game make in pop culture? Is this a game that innovated the medium? Is this a game you and your friends talk about all the time? Maybe it was the first game that used voice actors. Maybe it introduced the sandbox genre. Step 5: Your Connection to the Game. ¢ Tell us a little about why this game matters to you. ¢ When did you first play this game? ¢ Is it tied to a specific memory? ¢ Does it echo your thoughts on life and the universe? How so? ¢ What draws you to this game? ¢ Basically, just explain why you like the game and what it means to you. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.